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Get your own VR webcam kit and be part of the future now! Terpon strongly believes in today's VR model's potential, as the perfect enabler to push VR technology to new heights! This program will give you all the tools you need to create a unique VR experience for your fans! By joining this program you will be part of an elite group of cam models that can offer a unique camming experience to their followers.


Earn your own VR webcam for free by applying to the Advantage program.

Test our 3D-VR webcam platform free for a year by applying to our Terpon Models Advantage program. As you pass the selection criteria, you will receive the first high-resolution Virtual Reality live-streaming Webcam designed exclusively for cam models and pro webcam studios.

  • Increase your revenues by offering a more powerful, immersive and interactive experience to your fans.
  • Sell your downloadable VR videos on your social networks or home pages.
  • Increase your revenues by offering VR accessories to your fan base, earning high commissions $$
  • Make even more money in the VR marketplace with Terpon Models investment opportunities.


Earn your own VR webcam for free by applying to the Advantage program.

Virtual Reality is quickly becoming the newest tech to sweep the internet! Keeping up with VR technology can get very expensive! With Terpon's newest affordable state of the art 3D-VR cameras, cam models can now offer Live VR to their fan base and make much more money.

Becoming a VR Webcam model can increase your earnings considerably and becoming a Terpon Model can earn you even more! It’s free to sign up, and if you qualify you can get your own VR webcam, along with all the tools to offer the very best immersive experience to your followers.

Grow your brand by offering the very latest in VR accessories such as the latest VR headsets and much more, earning high commissions for every sale! You can be the first cam model to offer a complete VR EXPERIENCE.


Make money with VR technology!
Members receive a 3K Hermes webcam Free for one year! (reg: $30/month) Free Upgrades, returns and always Free Shipping!
VR live production made easy! Models get full access to our VR production training videos library and live webinars, in both 3D-VR and standard video.
Sell VR headsets and accessories directly to your followers! Earn high commissions $$$ for every pair sold!
Terpon Advantage teaches you everything you need to know about the VR marketplace. Estimated to reach over 171 million users in 2018! Earn money from the vast revenue streams this new technology offers.


The future of VR, today!

Virtual Reality technology is moving at a very fast pace. Terpon will be there with you every step of the way ... with state of the art High Definition 3K webcams, access to an exclusive training video library, a chance to grow your business through an affiliate program for VR headsets & accessories, webinars by livecam innovators & investment professionals, additional cam traffic resources, and the opportunity to belong to a community of VR models from around the world! The future of VR is with Terpon!

Terpon's Beta-test program; Advantage is open to all females/males/transgenders cam models currently broadcasting on a partnered platforms or studios, with the intent to offer VR live streams.  Experience, a strong social media following and a keen business sense describe the perfect candidates for this program.  if you have any of these qualities Terpon wants you!  

Min Requirements for Terpon Models Advantage (beta) 
  • You received an email or personal invitation to join this program by a Terpon partnered platform, studio or employee. 
  • You currently stream live with a Terpon partnered platform or studio;  A min of 35 hours per pay period (2 weeks).
  • You have a social media presences of min 5000 + followers 
  • You actively promote your lIve cam sessions on a regular basis. 
  • you will need a USB 3 ready computer running Windows 10,  i5 0r i7 processor,  Min 4 Gb Ram (8  Gb is better). 
  • Your internet connection will need to have a  min 5 mbps download speed.  
If you fit these requirements you qualify to apply to Terponmodels.com's Advantage Program (Beta).

Please allow 3-7 days for a reply.
Should you not receive a reply please contact Mike@terpon.com
Advantage program closes submissions on Dec. 21 2017 at midnight Eastern Time.
By joining Terponmodels.com membership website,  you are part of an elite group of cam models hand picked to take part of Terpon's Advantage program (beta).  Terpon's unique approach to VR technology and  marketplace will make the transition to live virtual reality affordable for any cam model to get started.  This website will provide all the tools necessary for you to thrive in this new technological world.  
As a Terpon Advantage model you promise to complete a quarterly report about your experiences with the camera.  You will be required to fill out a short simple survey every 3 months for the duration of the beta test program (12 months).
In return you will  receive a 3k Hermes webcam prepaid for one year. Along with countless opportunities to grow your brand through VR production values, technological advancements, Investment opportunities and an affiliate program designed to make you more money with your fans and followers by offering the very latest in VR accessories.
In order to stream a high definition VR webcam you will need a USB 3 equipped computer or laptop, with the minimal following specs:
  • i5 or i7 processor 
  • min 4 Gb RAM (8 Gb is better) 
  • at least one free USB 3 input 
  • Windows 10 operating system (sorry Apple users, we are working hard to make our camera Apple compatible soon) 
If you want to record and edit 3D-VR video we suggest using Adobe Premiere CC 2017.

Our webcams can see in very dark situations, so light your room the way you really want, no more need for big hot lights. A small lamp with some accent lighting is all you will need to create a real immersive virtual environment. Want to take a candle light bath? No problem, get creative.
All Hermes 3K VR webcams come with a stereo (left/right) microphone, simply connect this microphone to computers mic jack, and your ready to go.

Recording a real VR experience takes lots of talent and equipment. Terpon cameras have been designed to work in low lights to emulate the real feeling of being in your room, no need for big bulky lights. With our dedicated software, you can record, stream and save your cam sessions directly to your hard drive at the click of a button.our custom video tool will encode your new VR video in several popular VR formats.

Our team of professionals will help you every step of the way with unique DIY videos and articles in Terponmodels member area. If you prefer to ask questions, we have a technical support system or by participating in our live webinars, you can learn all the special skills needed to produce, edit and sell your pre-recorded VR videos.

Yes, however you will need to ask your studio manager to register the studio with Terponmodels in order to receive a Hermes 3D webcam free for one year.

Terpon is an International company, we have offices throughout North America and Europe. We also have partner studios in South America and eastern Europe, Shipping might take a little longer but you can still VR with Terpon from anywhere in the developed world.

For Billing Inquiries, or to cancel your membership, please visit Segpay.com, our authorized sales agent.